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Supplying Fresh
Produce to your Business

From Our Trusted Farms to Your Business

#1 Preferred Supplier

We are a wholesale distributor trusted by  restaurants, wet market, supermarket retailers, hotels and manufacturing industry. We provide valuable advice to aid you in your purchasing decisions.

Competitive Pricing

Omit the middleman and earn greater savings. Our experience being the wholesale supplier and distributor is put to use to get you the best deals and most competitive price.

Reliable and
Dependable Deliveries

Our delivery team is dedicated to offer you the best delivery service. You can count us when you have any shortage of fresh produce. Rest assured that you would get your orders promptly. 

Express Shipping to Penang Island and Mainland

Our express delivery provides extra flexibility in delivery times. Get in touch with our sales representative to find the right delivery solution for you.

Quality You Can Trust

We command the highest quality produce from our sources and have them delivered directly to your business. We strive to be a wholesale fresh produce that you can trust and rely on.

Exceptional Services

Big or small our clients will receive individualized attention to cater what is best for their needs. It's because you matter to us.

Whom We Serve


Fresh Harvest sources fresh fruits  and vegetables from our farms for optimal freshness and exotic taste. In the hospitality industry we understand the vast range of food requirement to suit a large range of tastes, and how food may represent the establishment. We are always seeking for new items following market trends that will stimulate both your creativity and the appetites of your customers. We have a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from in different sizes, grades, and stages of ripeness.


As a family owned company we understand the need to nurture future generations to their fullest potential. So we believe that schools need to have easy access to food of the highest standards in quality and safety, providing schools with the best chances of being able to deliver quality education.


The restaurant industry demands the most diversity in the food industry, and we are up for the challenge. Our vast industry experience and expertise can provide Penang’s restaurants with a diverse range of fresh produce. Organic or conventional, restaurant owners can realize a restaurant that fits their vision. No matter how big or small your restaurant may be our team is fully committed to serving your business with the best quality service.

Corporate Food Service

Run your catering business smoothly at any corporate event with a steady supply of fresh ingredients. Fresh Harvest supplies to caterers and corporate cafeterias to provide them with our full selection of high quality fresh produce at reasonable costs and timely delivery.


The importance of fresh ingredients with impeccable food safety standard for hospitals needs no mention. Running a hospital is both a huge responsibility and expensive. Therefore we work closely with local hospitals to ensure that they receive the best deals on organic fresh produce without the compromise in quality and safety.

Individual Homes

Our services are not limited to businesses. We also stick close to our roots and provide with home deliveries as well. For Penang families with a busy lifestyle we provide grocery solutions to deliver fresh and organic produce directly to your doorstep at a competitive price.


Get Free Quotation


Get the latest price of our fresh produce. We feature some of our latest available produce that we like to introduce to our customers. We are always constantly adding new produce to meet vast needs by our business partners. 


By enjoying our fresh produce, not only are you enjoying the best in taste and nutrition but you are also helping to support local farms and community.


Fresh fruits will always be available all year round and ready to be delivered to your business!

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